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I'm sitting here bored. I was supposed to go to church with Pamela and Mafer, but Pamela had a family emergency and had to go to Cochabamba. So instead I just hung around here.

I've been applying for teaching jobs to tide me over until the new semester starts. Most of them pay around $20-$25 an hour so if I get 30 hours a week, that'll be fine. Then in August I want to start a full time job with benefits and all. Miami Dade starts at $36,000 plus a $3,000 bonus for having a masters. And benefits are 100% covered. I'm hoping something will open up in my subject area for the spring semester, but I doubt it. I have some friends keeping an eye out for me, though.

I also applied for a teaching fellowship. It'll get me a certification in Elementary Education without having to take any more classes. That would be WONDERFUL. Otherwise I'm going to have to go to MDCC for a year or so to get certified and that would suck.

Other than that... nothing going on. Marcio is going to (hopefully) meet me on the plane tomorrow.

I feel a lot better today. Almost no coughing. I slept all day yesterday. I'm sure that helped a lot.
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