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Un rinconcito alla en el sur (de la florida)

o a veces en el norte de Manhattan

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The Daily Show is the most important love...ever.

I teach English in Fort Lauderdale. I am studying to be a nurse.

The vast majority of my entries are friends only. I don't mind friending random strangers. Just comment with why you want to be my friend and you're in, as long as it's not creepy. But I only add friends who DO NOT live in my immediate area or are in the social circle of my job or school. So if you actually know me in real life, no offense, but I'm not going to add you. I'm very honest in my journal and I don't need rumors to start.

My life goals? No idea. Stay in South Florida. No cold is good. If I move anywhere, it will be back to Spain. I miss jamon.

I have nothing else to say.

My little fetus:

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